Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Search Engine Optimization: Why do SEO?

Good day to you all,

We live in a world where online traffic is ruled by major search engines like Google, Bing etc. They all have an algorithm that they rank up website by. SEO is the business that studies the algorithm and it is improving throughout time (check Google Panda updates and Google Penguin updates) for users to get the best search results based on their search queries.

Search Engine Traffic is the main source of new customers for online businesses, and you know everyone doesn't even bother to check out websites that rank from nr.4 down, because usually we find what we need in the top 3 links. SEO is what gets the websites the first ranks for specific keywords., which result in a increase in traffic and visibility of products on that website.

Although this is not exact science, SEO specialists throughout the world (but mostly in the US) found key elements for the manipulation of the Search Engine Ranking Position, also known as SERPs. The 3 golden seeds to solid fruit in SEO work are mentioned in my previous article learn SEO quick.

Do not fall to temptation and purchase link building services, consult a specialist before making a decision about Search Engine Optimization. Bad SEO work may damage your ranks instead if not done properly.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

SEO Advice: Take Initative

Hello everyone,

This article is addressed to SEO Specialists from outside the US and UK, but not necessarily. Its because in those countries most profitable businesses are aware of SEO and the need for such services, while the rest prefer AFK marketing.

So, today's subject is Take Initative:

While its hard for business owners that are past 40 to comprehend that their business can evolve if expanding to an online service, its our job to make them believe so. Past months I have been visiting offices and proposing SEO services, most of them didn't even hear about such industry, and it took me a while to explain the benefits.

We all know SEO is the marketing industry of the future, just like the postal service (letters delivery) went down after the wonder of Internet gave us the e-mail service, but we cannot expect this to happen naturally in countries that have medieval type of business running, we have to slap the business owners to reality.

How to do it?
I came up with a step-by-step plan coming from my experience in this activity:

1. Make the research
First step (the most obvious) is to do a research about the business. Not every business is eligible for SEO services, for example - a furniture seller. Who buys furniture? People who have/bought a house (I'm quite the Captain Obvious, ain't I?). For the US, this might be a great idea, because it doesn't matter the age of Americans, they all surf the web, but it is not the case of the rest of the world. Most people that have passed the age of 40 are unable to comprehend the idea of internet and online business. This is why you must pick a business that predominantly interests the youth, like bars, fashion, jewelry and so on.

2. Put your services (offer) on a piece of paper
Show the potential customer your business plan, and expected evolution of visibility. If the business doesn't have a website or the website looks like it was made by a three-year old, offer web-design services (if you do not provide such services, look for partnership). If the website is looking good and it is functional, gather statistics and rankings from Alexa, Opensiteexplorer and introduce them to Google Analytics.

3. Make them believe they need you
This is where you will train your persuasion skills. Talk about social advertising, search engine traffic, visibility benefits and everything that goes with it. Make them believe they need you, otherwise, identify their competitors and in case of refusal, tell them that your competitor will benefit form such services - nothing will make them more scared than the thought losing their profit. I know its not the most ethical way to "threaten" customers , but we are here to make money, not waste time.

Most probably they will all tell you they will contact you later, so do this for as many companies you can if you want to grow your business.

Now go, put your dream into motion!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Alexa is a Bad Business

Hey, I don't like to talk bad about something, but this has really got me pissed off. I took a plan with Alexa to use their statistics. First couple of days stuff went well, after which every time I tried to access the dashboard it gave me an error like this:

It's not a big deal considering I'm also a webmaster and stuff can happen, so I reported the problem to Alexa's Help Desk, from which I got a response that they are working on it. More than two weeks later I still get no statistics, no response, I wrote them again, same response as in the first message. I've got a feeling their customer support is an automated bot that doesn't solve nothing.

Anyway, they are charging my CC for nothing, and I call that bad business. My advice, stay away from Alexa.

From my experience I can tell that the only best SEO tool software I am working with is SeoMOZ


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Learn SEO quick!

Learning SEO in 10 minutes

You've got a job offer right on the table but you don't know nothing about SEO?

Well guess what, that's my exact story. Here's how I managed to get where I am right now.

First of all I wanted to realise what is SEO, why is it so important? Truth is - Online business is the next generation business, especially in the US and UK. Playing by the Search Engine's game will most definitely increase traffic to your site, which will increase revenue - this is why SEO experts are wanted.

So to fully understand what a SEO does, I made this graphic here, so this big green thingy is called the job of SEO:

If you understood this diagram we can move forward.

How to do SEO:

 The look
Choose a nice design, something that the user will feel that the website is actually taken care of professionally. Once done with the design, run a check on this SEO Website Review Tool and see what are you missing, that tool will help you a lot.

Repeat after me:
"Content is King" - Its pure and simple. Never spam your link, it may harm your rankings (Search Engines penalise unnatural links). Your content must be good, so that links will be posted naturally. Here's some tips to writing good content.

The SEO's bible on link is Jon Cooper's Link Building Strategies , which is nice, there's a lot of stuff you can use from there once you're out of ammo.

Now you know the basics of SEO

But there is still a lot you don't know of, so while you explore this world make sure you subscribe to professionals on Twitter, read blogs about SEO and keep up with SEO news.

Here are some industry professionals that you MUST follow:
Jon Cooper - Twitter , Blog
Rand Fishkin - Twitter , Blog
Mike King - Twitter , Website
Wil Reynolds - Twitter , Blog

Feel free to ask any questions!

Monday, August 13, 2012

SEO Opportunities | Australia, World

Traveling news bring us information on higher demand of SEO services outside the USA. Personally living in the Republic of Moldova all the SEO I’m doing are for American websites. This article exposes a sharp interest in Australian on-line marketing, so native Australians, here is your chance to make it big.

SEO has always been a tough subject to approach when dealing with older people than the industry, as its a new business and old-schoolers don’t believe in such tales. 


John Fox made it easy to comprehend what you’ll tell your boss and actually be understood. His article matches a broad audience on beginners who have trouble explaining SEO and its benefits. I really love how he described the approach:

Some small business CEO's have decided to stick their head in the sand.

Well, avoiding Google isn't an option, either. Consider:

  • 93.4% of potential product purchase research is done online -- anonymously.

  • Nearly 2 of 3 buyers begin product research using a search engine (Google being the overwhelming favorite, especially for high-income users).

  • Buyers have little interest in sales calls unless and until they (the buyers) initiate the interaction.

  • The number of sales calls/day has fallen by 25% while the cost of a sales call continues to escalate (now above $300 per call).

  • Not surprisingly, hiring a sales representative is now the most difficult position to fill [and train!].

SEO must be advertised

Don't keep it in your trousers, let it roam free! 

Any chance you get to speak to someone about it, do it. So what if maybe he'll do the same thing? You have experience on your back which nothing is more valuable in any business.

Did you promote SEO in countries other then US and UK? What was your "style" of operating? Comments and questions are welcome! :)


Friday, August 10, 2012

NoFollow is Follow

All that's known for sure about the "nofollow" tag is that we don't actually know anything. Sure, Google can give us an impression on what is going on, but truth is its simple speculation.

All we know about this tag is that mainly it stops the juice from leaking outside the box.

I can't hold this in me therefore here I go:

Search Engines were responsible for 99% of spam. Adding a attribute in the code and push out a big lie was the answer to mitigate the hardcore link spam all over the web.

It may be true probably, but it may only be relevant to PageRank status.

I base my words on the fact that the last month I farmed nofollow links only and I got better rankings in the end:

And these here keywords that ranked are competitive as hell, I never thought it would work.

Bottom line:
Don't let a fake attribute steal your chance of getting a good link. Just don't let spammers see my post :).

What do you think about it? I would love to hear from you.